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If you've only seen them once ... you haven't seen them at all! Come back to the Fair! These are just some of our featured presentations. Simply click on any of the icons below to be taken directly to that attraction. Use the Navigation Bar at the top of every page to access all of the material that can be enjoyed here at

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Welcome to where we're dedicated to bringing the New York World's Fair experience to the Web. Join this all new site in a celebration of this great 60's Space Age exposition. Who can forget this expo, headed by Robert Moses, held in the sixties in Flushing Meadow Park in Queens New York? Do you remember your first site of Unisphere? Your ride on the Disney Carousel of Progress? Although your Baby Boomer memories of this sixties expo may be fading, let us help you re-live your fabulous World Fair experiences with visits to pavilions by Africa, Alaska, Israel, American Express, AMF, Amphicar, Arlington Hat, Austria, Avis, Bell System, Belgium, Berlin, Billy Graham, Boy Scouts, Caribbean, Central America, China, Chrysler, Chunky Candy, Churchill, Chun King, Clairol, Coke (Coca-Cola), Continental Insurance, Denmark, DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Eastern Air Lines, Gas Company, First National City Bank, Florida, Ford, Formica, France, General Cigar, General Electric, General Foods, General Motors, Greece, Greyhound, Guinea, Hawaii, Hertz, Hollywood, Hong Kong, IBM, Illinois, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Jaycopter, Johnson Wax, Jordan, Julimar Farms, Korea, Lebanon, Les Poupees de Paris, Log Flume, Long Island Railroad, Lowenbrau, Malaysia, Maryland, Masons, Mastro Pizza, Medo Photo, Mexico, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Mormon Church, Morocco, National Maritime Union, National Cash Register, NCR, New England States, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pakistan, Panama, Parker Pen, Pepsi Cola, Philippeans, Polynesia, Port of New York Authority, RCA, Rheingold, Santa Maria, Schaefer Brewing, Scott Paper, Sermons from Science, Seven-up, Shea Stadium, Sierra Leone, Simmons, Sinclair, Singer Sewing, SKF Industries, Socony Mobil, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Swiss Sky Ride, Switzerland, Thailand, Tiparillo, Travelers Insurance, Electric Industries, United Arab Republic, UAR, Unisphere, United States, Postal Service, US Rubber, Vatican City, Venezuela, Wax Museum, Westinghouse, West Virginia, Wisconsin. Come to the great Worlds Fair