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"World's Fair Report"

Twenty-three episodes of this weekly television series that aired on New York's WNYC-TV prior to the opening of the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair and beyond are presented for you in a six-volume set. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long and each volume contains three or four episodes.

Hosted by the Fair's Vice-president of Communications, these shows contain interviews with both World's Fair Officials and exhibitor representatives. They offer the viewer of wealth of information regarding the contents of many of the pavilions and a behind-the-scenes view of what went into the creation of a show and how the World's Fair was put together.

There is little in the way of "glitz." These episodes, filmed in black and white, are for the die-hard fan of the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair!

Take a look at what's available:

Tape One includes...

Episode 1: Interview with Thomas Deegan, Jr.; Episode 2: Officials from Pavilion of China and Texas Music Hall; Episode 4: Transportation Area is discussed along with on-site visitor transportation; Episode 6: Fair Operations, Security and Concessions are discussed.

Tape Two includes...

Episode 8: The attractions of the Lake Amusement Area including the never built American Indian Pavilion; Episode 9: An in-depth interview with Robert Moses; Episode 11: Mike Todd Jr. discusses shows at the Jones Beach Theater, City activities in conjunction with the Fair and the World’s Fair Marina; Episode 12: Cultural and sports programs at the Fair are discussed.

Tape Three includes...

Episode 13: Participation of both Greyhound and the Port of New York Authority are discussed; Episode 16: Discussions with officials from Ireland, Bell Telephone and New Jersey; Episode 17: Officials from Boy Scout Exhibit, Maryland and General Electric; Episode 19: Officials from Simmons, SKF and West Virginia.

Tape Four includes...

Episode 20: Officials from Santa Maria, Clairol and Rheingold; Episode 23: Officials from The Continental Circus, House of Good Taste and Festival of Gas; Episode 24: Costume Designer for Dick Button’s Ice Extravaganza and a discussion on the Westinghouse Time Capsule; Episode 25: Officials from Formica World’s Fair House, US Royal Tires and Venezuela.

Tape Five includes...

Episode 26: Officials from New York State Pavilion, AMF Monorail and Better Living Center; Episode 27: Officials from Scott Paper and Time-Life Publications; Episode 29: Officials from Brass Rail Restaurants, Mexico and DuPont.

Tape Six includes...

Episode 30: Officials from The Tower of Light and the Pavilion of Hong Kong Episode 38: Interview with Irwin Witt, Comptroller of the Fair; Episode 39: Officials from Coca-Cola, Dancing Waters and Transportation and Travel Pavilion; Episode ?: Officials from Hell Drivers, Equitable Life and Hawaii.

Videos may be purchased separately or in sets. Prices are:

  • $21 Each
  • $36 for a Set of Two
  • $100 for the entire Six Volume Set

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If you're a collector ... if you're a New York World's Fair enthusiast ... don't miss this opportunity to enjoy these rare episodes on the building of the Fair!

Construction of the IBM Pavilion

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