Brochure: An Invitation to the West Virginia Pavilion

Great Seal of the State of West Virginia
West Virginia

World's Fair Artwork


......1964 marks the beginning of West Virginia's second century as a State.

......1964 also heralds the opening of the greatest international exposition in history -- the New York World's Fair.

......Whereas the 1963 State Centennial reflected 100 years of history, progress and achievenemt in the Mountain State, the West Virginia Pavilion at the 1964-1965 World's Fair is intended to catapult the State over the threshold of today and into a new century of achievement -- the world of the 21st Century.

.......As expressed by officials of the New York World's Fair, "the basic purpose of the Fair is to help achieve 'Peace through Understanding'; that is, to assist in educating the peoples of the world as to the interdependence of nations and the need for universal and lasting peace. To that end, the Fair is dedicated to showing man's achievements on a shrinking globe in an expanding universe, his inventions, discoveries, arts, skills and aspirations; and also to the presentation of wholesome entertainment."

......The World's Fair will take place on a 646-acre site at Flushing Meadow Park in the City of New York. Between 70,000,000 and 100,000,000 visitors from all over the world are expected to attend the Fair during the two years between April and October, 1964 and 1965. The World's Fair is accessible by air, by water, by rail, by car and by bus. More than 600 hotels and motels will accommodate visitors to the New York area.

......West Virginia's Pavilion at the New York World's Fair occupies a site of over 34,000 square feet in the federal and state sector, opposite the $17 million United States Exhibit. The structure, which is approximately 15,000 square feet in size, reflects in its design the products and resources of the State.  
......The steel-framed building is a modified L-shape design, with a pergola-like extension providing an additional wing of landscaped garden area. Sculptured pre-cast concrete panels and artistically-treated glass provide an unusual pattern of exterior wall treatment. The outer structure also features majestic full color views of West Virginia's leading scenic resorts. Wood is used extensively for interior finishings and exterior grills. Five translucent domes rise above the roof and give further definition to the structure, functional insulation and polarized glare-free lighting.

Site of West Virginia Pavilion

......A free form reflective pool envelops three sides of the building. The pool is bridged by a gently inclined ramp which affords access to the pavilion. Adjacent to the main entrance, a towering sculptural symbol rises to a height of 50 feet and represents the aspirations of the people of West Virginia through the development of industry, education and natural resources.  


......Upon entering the pavilion, the visitor will see, hear, breathe, touch and sense the spirit of West Virginia. Through guides, motion pictures, audio visual aids, television, recordings, displays and the life-like dioramas, the audience will be transported to places such as Hawk's Nest, Harpers Ferry, Blackwater Falls, Oglebay Park, White Sulphur Springs, the Monongahela National Forest, the West Virginia University Medical School, Weiss Knob

Ski Slope, the State Fair, the State Capitol, Biennerhasset Island, Bluestone Gorge, the glass blowing crafts, major industrial plants and many other sectors of the state.

The World's Fair will serve as a dynamic showcase for exhibiting a master plan of progress. Specific targets for the 60's will be announced for the establishment and acceleration of defense industries, public and private development projects, middle income housing, jet age transportation, scientific installations in the aerospace and electronic fields, arterial highway systems, improved use


Artist's Rendering of Pavilion


of natural resources, increased agricultural productivity, expansion of trade and commerce and the systematic enlargement of parks and forest preserves as recreational and tourist attractions for the entire eastern half of the United States.

......As a means of encouraging new industry, the State Department of Commerce will have industrial development personnel at the World's Fair to advise out-of-state business executives of the limitless opportunities and facilities for establishing new plants in West Virginia. Reservations will be taken for businessmen to make actual tours of the State, inspect sites, and

confer with governmental and community leaders. A vacation planning service in the pavilion will make all necessary travel and hotel accommodations for families interested in West Virginia as an ideal vacation center.

......The West Virginia Pavilion will feature a model community of the future -- an industrial park complex with provision for business opportunity, gracious living and recreation side by side. World's Fair visitors will be introduced to West Virginia as a Land for Relaxation -- an inviting oasis in which to live, work and play on a year-round basis.

Pavilion Layout


1) Informational Rotunda Exhibits depicting the State in all its major aspects, including the history, culture, government and educational institutions.

2) Industrial Park Dramatic exhibits sponsored by West Virginia's leading industrial firms, including chemical, electrical, ceramic, forest product, glass, coal, iron, and steel, non-ferrous metals, paper, tobacco and textile companies.

3) West Virginia Vacationland The largest unspoiled natural preserve in the Eastern half of the United States, featuring the "Four Seasons Vacation Plan" with winter, spring, summer and fall activities for the entire family.

4) The Mountain Lodge A futuristic mountain lodge will enable World's Fair visitors to dine in gracious surroundings reminiscent of the natural beauty of the State. The circular dining area will be surrounded by water. Special West Virginia dishes will be served. Stereophonic equipment will recreate the sounds of the forest, while living illustrative color project the visitors into a scenic tour of the State.

5) The Gift Shop Visitors will be able to take back to their home communities a World's Fair souvenir, such as a recording disco of the sounds of outer space patterned after Green Bank, a coal miner's cap equipped with a lamp for children, a scenic steropticon, or a set of stemware shown by Mrs. Kennedy during her televised tour of the White House.

Radio Telescope


......Plans are under way for the West Virginia Pavilion to feature the Radio Astronomy Sky.

......Looking to the future of mankind, this focal exhibit would dramatize the probe into the sky now under way at the national Radio Astronomy Observatory. At Green Bank, West Virginia, space scientists are opening new gates to the human horizons of knowledge.

......Special effects would interpret the meaning of the Radio Telescope, explain its ability to "see," relate its impact upon the world of science today, and explore the significance of this major window on the universe.

......Conveyed with the speed of imagination, this spectacular show would be housed in a giant rotunda in the center of the West Virginia Pavilion


Hulett C. Smith

......As part of its continuing program of encouraging the prosperous development of the State, the Department of Commerce will invite state firms to participate in the West Virginia Pavilion at the New York World's Fair.

......Selected companies having a plant or office employing at least twenty-five residents of the State will be awarded free space in the West Virginia Pavilion.

......These companies must agree to:

  1. Limit the size of their exhibit in accordance with the rules of the pavilion.
  2. Adhere to the highest standards of exhibit practice.
  3. Contribute to the cost and maintenance of the exhibit which a) will carry complete commercial identification and a full corporate business message, and b) will be built according to specifications and an over-all plan.
  4. Special exhibit arrangements will be made for smaller businesses and tourist organizations wishing to be represented at the Fair.

......In this, and in every other undertaking, West Virginia is dedicated to helping make your investment in the State a profitable one.

Hulett C. Smith
Commissioner of Commerce

SOURCE: Invitation to Participate, West Virginia Pavilion


 State Capitol Building

 William Wallace Barron & Seal

 ......West Virginia's pavilion at the World's Fair will welcome more visitors to our midst than a half century of tourism accomplished prior to World War II.

......125,000,000 Americans now live within one hour's flying time from West Virginia. These are our actual neighbors. This is the audience we intend to reach through our participation at the New York World's Fair.

......We shall encourage more and more people to do business in our State, to buy our products, to extract our abundant resources, to take full advantage of our skilled, reservoir of manpower, to utilize our planning and research facilities, to avail themselves of the incentive system which includes 100% financing for new plants or to enjoy a leisurely vacation simply "meandering" through the State as our very special guests.

......Once the World's Fair has ended, the people of West Virginia will have a new and tangible legacy -- a cultural and civic center. This entire building will be removed from the Fair and returned to West Virginia for installation at the Capitol as a permanent State Archive-Library-Museum, to be used and enjoyed by generations of children and adults alike.

......To all of you, may I extend this invitation:
......See West Virginia at the Fair!
William Wallace Barron


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