World's Fair Information Manual

Travelers Insurance Exhibit
Mr. Herbert Kramer
The Travelers Insurance Company
700 Main Street
Hartford, Connecticut
203 JA 5-0121
Mr. Thomas F. Maher, Manager
The Travelers Insurance Company
80 John Street
New York, New York
DI 4-7000
Mr. Ray Cudahy
Young & Rubicam, Inc.
285 Madison Ave.
New York, New York
MU 9-5000
June 9, 1961
Block 9; Lot 1
Industrial Area
49,487 sq. ft.
Kahn & Jacobs
2 Park Avenue
New York 16, New York
OR 9-3932
Donald Deskey Assoc., Inc.
575 Madison Avenue
New York 22, New York
PL 9-5100
George A. Fuller
Miss Phyllis Adams

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

"The Triumph of Man" - depicting man's increasing ability to protect himself, conceive ideas, and triumph over the perils that have threatened his survival since the beginning of time is the theme of the Travelers Insurance Companies' exhibit.

Exterior: The complete two-story structure, 63 feet tall and 120 feet in diameter is formed by two giant, abstract umbrella forms, one resting on the points of the other. The upper umbrella form is red, in keeping with the companies' umbrella symbol of over-all insurance protection. Hundreds of jets of water, rising to a height of fifteen feet, form a curtain underneath and around the base of the pavilion, so that the entire structure appears to be floating on a fountain of water.

Interior: An escalator takes visitors to the second floor where the major part of the exhibit begins. The "Triumph of Man" exhibit spans man's history, starting with prehistoric times and leading into his future. Visitors witness dramatic events, selected to show how man used his growing intelligence and ability to act in concert with his fellows to overcome threats to his existence, to control his environment and to strengthen his security. Employing ingenious techniques and devices to recreate the sights and sounds of a million years of human progress, the exhibit brings visitors into each civilization so completely that they feel themselves to be part of the scene. The tour takes 18 minutes.

From the second floor, an escalator takes visitors down to "Your Town USA" where they may see how insurance fits into everyday life. An insurance center, under a huge red umbrella, offers explanations of the major forms of insurance available today to everyone through The Travelers.

Travelers Insurance Exhibit

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965

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