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Source: Advertisement 1964 Official Guide, 1964-1965 New York World's Fair

Source: Advertisement 1965 Official Guide, 1964-1965 New York World's Fair

United Shows

"From Here to There"


VISITORS to the United Air Lines Exhibit in the Travel and Transportation Pavilion are ushered into a plush, compact little red and blue theater where the Saul Bass' film production, From Here to There, is shown by a special Reevesound motion picture projection system.

The system includes a 35mm Simplex XL projector equipped with a Strong Arc X-16 light source and single-track Ampex magnetic sound reproducer, a 50 watt Fairchild power amplifier and a 27 amp Strong Arc Rectifier.

The 35mm film uses the big Cinemascope image to relate the story of a United jet enroute from Los Angeles, soaring cross-country and arriving at an East Coast destination. The film begins in narrow-image format which gradually enlarges to the full wide-image dimension as the plane takes off from the Pacific Coast.

This transition from narrow to wide-image is an effect printed onto the film. It is accomplished by control tones, carried by the single sound track, which trigger curtains

at either side of the screen, causing them to move out as the plane ascends. Accurate timing permits the expanding screen image to precede by one second the opening of the traveling curtain, thus providing a continuous clean picture edge.

As the story nears its conclusion and the filmed image of the United plane begins its descent, the curtains begin to close, retuning the screen again to narrow-image format. As this action takes place, the printed image follows the curtain by approximately one second to maintain the clean picture edge.

Source: BUSINESS SCREEN MAGAZINE Presented courtesy Eric Paddon Collection

All popular Fair exhibits have their waiting lines. This one is seen at the entrance to United Air Line's 188-seat Jetarama film theater.

Theater Entrance

Comfortable theater seats provide a restful pause within the United theater, just before a showing of Saul Bass' "From Here to There."


Photo presented courtesy Mike Kraus Collection

United's Exhibit in T&T

Photos presented courtesy Bradd Schiffman Collection
Source: "United Airlines Presents" Promotional Slide Show
Theater entrance

Entrance to United's Jetarama Theater

United exhibit area

United Air Lines display in the T&T Pavilion. Note the cutaway model of a United Jet Mainliner in the display case!

Photo presented courtesy Bill Cotter Collection

1965 View of Theatre Entrance

The Theatre Entrance in 1965

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