1964 & 1965 Official Guidebook & Souvenir Map Entries

The description of this exhibit from the 1964 Official Guide Book

Cover- 1964 Guidebook

The description of this exhibit from the 1965 Official Guide Book

Cover - 1965 Guidebook

The location of this exhibit on the 1964 Official Souvenir Map

Cover - 1964 Official Souvenir Map

Thrill Rides are not listed in the 1964 Guide Book.


Three different rides provide the traditional fun of a fair.

The "Flying Coaster" has seats which buck at the ends of long arms. In the "Paratrooper," buckets swing outward from a rotating wheel. The "Looper Plane" has enclosed cockpits which corkscrew.

Admission: 35 cents each ride or three rides for $1.00. Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. or later.