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 Artist's sketch of the Swiss Pavilion
Swiss firms' participation in the New York World's Fair is the work of private enterprise. The pavilion in which the Swiss firms are located is situated in the central area of the Fair and built in Alpine chalet style.

Chalet style restaurant

In the Exhibit Hall connecting the main pavilion to the Watch Pavilion is the "Heidi Shop" displaying traditional Swiss artifacts: handkerchiefs in St. Gall embroidery, musical boxes, miniature cow-bells, etc. Visitors are also shown how Swiss cheese is made and can taste genuine Swiss chocolate, a real treat for connoisseurs the world over! Swissair and the Swiss Tourist Office provide information to those whom this brief glimpse of Switzerland and her customs has made eager for further details.

The main building contains a restaurant where waitresses in national costume serve typically Swiss dishes, among which cheese "fondu" naturally takes a prominent place.
 The Watch Pavilion is housed in three high-peaked buildings joined to the main pavilion. It is very popular and has aroused the interest of such a large section of the public that long queues are frequently to be seen waiting patiently to enter.

 Swiss pavilion

In front of the pavilion is the official World's Fair Time Center housing a costly complex of Swiss-made time measurement instruments. The center controls the 10 tall, numbered Swiss clock towers scattered around the Fair grounds -- which not only keep people on time for appointments but have developed into favorite meeting places.


Source: THE SWISS WATCH PAVILION, advertising brochures

Fifteen-foot high frescoes depicting the history of Switzerland bring alive the outer walls of the pavilion. Craftsmanship, high style and beauty combine to tempt the visitor who pushes through the swing doors into the pavilion itself.

The pavilion is on the Avenue of United Nations South, close to the center of the miniature Flushing Meadow world.

National Day 1964 at the Swiss Pavilion

The Swiss engineering industry is also on show in New York. The Swiss Sky Ride, built by von Roll Ltd., actually forms part of the Fair's installations. Its small brightly colored comfortable cabins are in fact one of the main attractions of the Fair and are extremely popular with visitors wishing to have an overall bird's eye view of the central area.

Artist's Rendering
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