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Clamping one hand around a pine board, the other on his wrist, the man raised his arms above the level of his shoulders and gave his second command, "Lights!" The room was plunged into darkness. Fear grabbed every heart. Then out of the darkness came the sharp cry, "On!"

Crack! You could see it hit. One million volts of high frequency electricity charged through the man's body and onto the board. Amazed, the people eyed the spitting sparks licking their way up the wood. A flame flickered yellow as the board ignited, briefly lighting the man's face. On and on it crackled. Then it stopped, and the lights went on again.

The man was Dr. George E. Speake, member of the staff of Moody Institute of Science, the Los Angeles branch of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Strangely enough, he was giving a sermon illustration in the Sermons From Science Pavilion at the New York World's Fair. For the past two years he and Jim Moon, another member of the MIS staff, have been on loan to the Christian Life Convention to present the "Sermons."

If you have traveled to the Fair, you may have heard Dr. Speake say that the human body is "in tune" with

60-cycle current, and if that frequency is stepped up to 65,000 cycles per second, as in the demonstration, enough power to set the board on fire can safely pass through his body. In other words, his life depends upon his obeying certain natural laws. He points out how foolish it would be for him to disregard such laws, concluding that there are also spiritual laws which every human must obey and believe, or suffer the consequences.

To show what he means by "believe," Speaks asks the audience if they would believe him if he told them he could stand on the coil and do the experiment again. Having just seen him do it, they indicate that they would. "If you really believe me the way God means 'believe,' you would be willing to stand on the coil yourself!" he exclaims. Groans throughout the audience show that some, at least, understand that faith is more than mere knowledge of fact.

Speake hopes that those who see the Moody demonstrations and films will be more than entertained. He wants them to put their trust in Jesus Christ. To help them, he invites them into the conference room for a seven-minute talk. Thousands have stayed to hear about "Four Spiritual Laws," resulting in hundreds of decisions for Christ.

SOURCE: Power for Living, Vol. 23, No. 3, July-Aug-Sept 1965

Pavilion & Scientific Instruments
Over 560,000 visited the pavilion the first year Electronic devices dominate the sermon demonstrations

Webmaster's note... Many thanks, once again, to historian Eric Paddon for his contribution to this on-line history of the Fair. Eric personally researched the Sermons From Science feature at the archives of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. His efforts serve history well! Thank you, Eric!

Bill Young
April 21, 2004