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Sermons from Science
Mr. W. Scott Nyborg
Sermons from Science
Salisbury Hotel, Suite 508
123 West 57th Street
New York 19, New York
CI 6-1300
July 15, 1963
Block 23; Lot 14
International Area
43,461 sq. ft.
H. Robley Saunders
49 New Street
Newark, New Jersey
201 623-0133
E. W. Howell
Sermons from Science Line Drawing

SOURCE: World's Fair Information Manual

The Sermons from Science exhibit, a non-sectarian project, is sponsored by the Christian Life Convention, the Christian Businessman's Committee, Inc., and the Moody Institute of Science.
Exterior: The Sermons from Science Pavilion is a 500 seat circular theatre, 35 feet in height and 70 feet in diameter. The theatre has a circular scalloped shell roof supported beyond the building by colorful fins decorated with abstract designs. The entrance to the theatre is 8 feet above the ground and is approached by a 130 foot long ramp, which follows the curve of the building outside the line of fins and over a reflecting pool. The reflecting pool bordering the building is decorated with fire and water fountains, and a sculptured standard rising 60 feet which supports an ever-changing color sphere. A passage way will connect the theatre to a smaller circular wing which houses a conference hall.
Interior: The Pavilion will present live demonstrations and color films every hour. The theme of the show is to relate basic laws of science to religion. Each program is designed to satisfy the curiosity and holiday attitude of people at a fair. The aim of the program is to win men and women to Christ and fellowship in His church. Visitors will see in action: the cry that can shatter glass, a frozen shadow, a flashlight that talks, the stammering machine, metal rings floating in air, 1,000,000 volts of man made lightening, and eyes that see in total darkness. There will also be spectacular color science films: "City of Bees", "Time and Eternity", "Dust or Destiny", "God of Creation", "Windows of the Soul", "God of the Atom", "Red River of Life", and "The Prior Claim".

Sermons from Science

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965

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