1964 & 1965 Official Guidebook & Souvenir Map Entries

The description of this fountain from the 1964 Official Guide Book

Cover- 1964 Guidebook

The description of this fountain from the 1965 Official Guide Book

Cover - 1965 Guidebook

The location of this fountain on the 1964 Official Souvenir Map

Cover - 1964 Official Souvenir Map

Every night as darkness falls a spectacular display of synchronized water, fireworks, color and music at the Pool of Industry caps the day and launches the evening at the Fair. The largest fountain in the world, the Fountain of the Planets, sends roughly 10,000 tons of water into the air in shifting patterns, sometimes as high as 150 feet. Rockets are released from 464 launchers, lights casting close to 150 million candle power throw color effects on water and sky, and the music of a 60-piece symphony orchestra sounds over loudspeakers - all with coordinated timing and effects. The fountain, covering 25,000 square feet, composes its patterns through 2,000 nozzles and is completely automated - allowing split-second timing so the water can be synchronized with the fireworks, lights and music. Each night, one of five different musical programs is presented.


A gigantic symphony of fireworks, water, color and music occurs every evening.

The Fountain of the Planets, largest in the world, shoots 10,000 tons of water as high as 150 feet into the air in ever-changing patterns. Rockets are fired from 464 launchers; lights totaling 150 million candle power cast their brilliant colors at water and sky; and music plays over loudspeakers. The fountain is automated, allowing split-second coordination of water jets, lights and music in five completely different shows.