Tower of the Four Winds

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Tower of the Four Winds Rendering  

Tower of the Four Winds

In the entertainment world the exterior marquee is often as important in attracting audiences as the interior adventure. At Disneyland, for example, Walt Disney and his staff used unique designs both to attract and to stimulate the visitor's imagination for an unseen show or ride.

As the "Small World" cruise developed, Disney recalled an exhibition of colorful mobiles displayed several years earlier in his studio library ... mobiles literally built inside bottles and snifters from such unusual materials as toothpicks, ornate match boxes, bright tissue paper, small driftwood and other bits and pieces.

From the memory of these two-foot tall toy mobiles came the idea for a 120-foot high "tower of mobiles." The "Tower of the Four Winds" was 46 feet wide at its base and weighed in at more than 100 tons.

Foundations were driven 60 feet into the ground to brace the structure against the Long Island winds that would be its sole source of power. The perpetual motion of the Tower's 52 different mobiles represented a carefree interpretation of children's exuberant spirit.

Spinning elements on the Tower included animals from every land, butterflies, bees, a winged dragon, and even (some say) a big "D" for Disney, taken from the WED logo.

The Tower was a landmark for the fair, and "Meet me at the Tower of the Four Winds" became a catch-phrase for Pepsi and fairgoers in general.

Construction of the Tower of the Four Winds

SOURCE: 20th Anniversary New York World's Fair 1964-1965 - A Disney Retrospective © 1984 Walt Disney Productions; It's A Small World - Complete Souvenir Guide and Behind the Scenes Story © 1964 Walt Disney Productions. All rights reserved throughout the world.

Construction Photo Construction Photo Construction Photo

 Tower of the Winds, part of Pepsi-Cola exhibit at the Fair, is readied for Opening Day, April 22. Titled "It's a Small World," the exhibit will present a spectacular tour of the globe designed and built by Walt Disney. A UNICEF pavilion and garden operated by U.S. Committee for UNICEF is also part of the Pepsi-Cola project.






SOURCE: Fair News, Vol 3, No. 3, March 22, 1964

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"Meet me at the Tower of the Four Winds!"
 Pepsi-Cola Pavilion
Pepsi & the Tower of the Four Winds
Tower of the Four Winds 
Tower of the Four Winds - Close Up 

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