World's Fair Information Manual

"It's A Small World"-A Salute to UNICEF
Mr. Edward T. Specht
Director of Sales & Exhibitor Relations
Pepsi-Cola Company
500 Park Avenue
New York 22, New York
MU 8-4500, Ext. 201
Miss Phyllis Adams
July 24, 1961
Block 12; Lot 5
Industrial Area
93,696 sq. ft.
WED Enterprises, Inc.
800 Sonora
Glendale, California
213 CH 5-8951
George A. Fuller
Children 50c
(under 12)
Artist's Rendering - Pepsi Pavilion

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

A spectacular tour of the globe designed and built by Walt Disney, entitled "It's A Small World"- a salute to UNICEF--forms the exhibit of the Pepsi-Cola Company.
Tower of the Four Winds: A 120 foot "Tower of the Four Winds" marks the entrance to the exhibit. For added visual interest the tower "performs" much like a giant "mobile". More than 100 colorful symbols and stylized representations of birds, fish, and animals are free to spin and turn in the breeze. This graceful structure with its abstract design houses a hospitality center at its base where the Pepsi-Cola Company and the United States committee for UNICEF host distinguished visitors who attend the attraction. The Tower is visible from almost any outdoor location on the Fair grounds serving as a guide mark to visitors.
"It's A Small World": Visitors to the attraction board specially designed boats at dockside areas outside the three-story fully air conditioned building. Shortly after they start their journey through "It's A Small World", their craft enters the building on a waterways cruise through the countries of the world. On this cruise they are entertained by animated figures, in full dimension, representing children in national costumes against Disney-stylized backgrounds and scenery, characteristic of their individual lands. The "children" sing in their native tongues and perform dances traditional to their native homelands. all of the movements, singing and dancing of the animated figures appear and sound completely lifelike. Animals indigenous to each land also play a part in the entertainment tableau.
UNICEF Pavilion and Garden: Adjacent to the "It's a Small World" building is a special UNICEF Pavilion and Garden. Under the auspices of the U.S. Committee for UNICEF, dramatic photographs, films and other exhibits highlight the work done by the United Nations Children's Fund which assists over 500 programs in 116 countries. Books, games, records, UNICEF cards, posters, maps and free literature are at the visitor's disposal, as well as multi-lingual guides who escort them through the UNICEF exhibit.
In addition, each day a member country is honored in behalf of its people. The flag of that country is flown and its representatives and delegation invited to tour the exhibit.

Pepsi-Cola Company - UNICEF

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965