1964 & 1965 Official Guidebook & Souvenir Map Entries

The description of this exhibit from the 1964 Official Guide Book

Cover- 1964 Guidebook

The description of this exhibit from the 1965 Official Guide Book

Cover - 1965 Guidebook

The location of this exhibit on the 1964 Official Souvenir Map

Cover - 1964 Official Souvenir Map

This unusual pavilion is made of seven giant panels joined together to form one many-sided structure. There is a restaurant on the ground floor. The main exhibit area - which focuses attention on the state's industries - is on a second level, reached by ramps.
* Admission: free.
THE EXHIBITS. The displays are largely devoted to Minnesota's industrial production. Threaded through these exhibits are pictorial displays of the state's tourist attractions: the Red River Valley, the northern lake country and so on.
THE LANDSCAPING. Regional shrubbery, topsoil and even taconite, the Mesabi Range's rich iron ore, have been imported to create the landscaping around the pavilion.
GAME AND TEAMS. Jul's North Star Smorgasbord Restaurant, on the ground level, features game and a 100-dish buffet of cold foods. There is also a service snack bar.


Highlight of this pavilion is the Kensington Runestone, believed to be a relic of Viking exploration in Minnesota in the year 1362.

There are also displays of industrial products, a smorgasbord restaurant and a realistic canoe ride through simulated wilderness.

THE RUNESTONE. Discovered near Kensington, Minnesota, in 1898, the stone is covered with runic inscriptions telling of a party of Vikings which penetrated deep into North America 130 years before Columbus. A diorama shows the Norsemen carving the stone.
THE RESTAURANT. Jul's North Star Smorgasbord features a 100-dish buffet and elaborate desserts.
Admission: free. Wilderness canoe ride: 50 cents.