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1964 Official Souvenir MapUnisphereNew England StatesNew York City Pavilion and Ice TheaterMissouriNew York StateNew JerseyWisconsinNew York City Pavilion and Ice TheaterNew York StateNew York StateWestinghouseLouisianaMinnesotaAstral FountainNew York StateMissouriAlaskaWestinghouseLouisianaUnited States PavilionMarylandWest VirginiaIllinoisMontanaLong Island RailroadUnited States PavilionUnited States PavilionOklahomaHollywood USAGeneral Foods Archway No. 6IllinoisUnited States PavilionNew York City Pavilion and Ice TheaterArlington HatOklahomaHollywood USANew MexicoPress BuildingLong Island RailroadLong Island RailroadNew Amsterdam Gate Entrance Tower