World's Fair Information Manual

Louisiana Pavilion
Mr. Thomas J. Lupo
World-A-Fairs Corporation
990 Kenilworth Street
New Orleans 24, Louisiana
504 486-3773
Mr. Michael Pender
June 4, 1963
Block 42; Lot 3
State Area
123,078 sq. ft.
Saputo and Rowe
501 Jefferson Davis Parkway
New Orleans, Louisiana
504 HU 6-6501
Kapilow - Missile Construction Co.
Mineola, New York

SOURCE: World's Fair Information Manual

The Louisiana Exhibit shows all of its products and extols all the virtues of its natural resources, its great wold ports, its tremendous petroleum products, its chemical complexes and its oyster and fishing beds.

The complex contains some ten "theatre restaurants" together with a Music Hall and an 18,000 square foot governmental and industrial pavilion, designed as a replica of the new Governor's mansion. The restaurants feature such varied famous southern foods as Hominy Grits, Creole Gumbo, Crepe Suzettes, Sugar Cane Sticks, and dishes showing many ways of preparing famous bayou and lake oysters prevalent in the State of Louisiana. While enjoying the Louisiana delicacies, one can hear music, and see the fashion shows, all without admission. Just to view the landscaped areas, reminiscent of the Evangeline country of this great state, is a soothing pleasure.

Throughout the exhibits including the restaurant areas, the visitor is introduced to the products, materials and items of the State's more than 200 varied industrial and marketing operations.

Along the promenades at the mythical intersection of Bourbon and Basin Streets, local Louisiana artists are seated drafting magnificent original portraits of the Fair visitors and scenes in oils, charcoals, sprays and pastels. In order to portray the flavor of the Mardi Gras season to a great segment of the visiting world, there are Carnival Balls in the Ole Opera House portion of the complex. The "Night in the Vieux Carre" has a carnival atmosphere, reminiscent of the Mardi Gras or Spring Fiesta in old New Orleans. There is a Carnival Parade down the Avenue of the Americas, finalizing itself at the mythical Bourbon-Basin Street complex, complete with marching bands, floats and throw-a-ways.

Also interspersed within the cultural and industrial area, the art and culture of the state is featured with all its picturesque beauty, blended in with the varied forms of architecture which makes up the history of Louisiana.

Louisiana Pavilion

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Built the Fair