Proposal: Industry Exhibits and Revenues

__The total square footage allocated to special displays in the exhibition hall and the four State pavilions approximates 7,200 square feet. It is recommended that of this area 3,500 square feet be reserved for the display of products and services of commercial and industrial organizations of the States who wish to contribute toward the cost of the exhibition, in exchange for the benefits inherent in exposure to the enormous concentration of a World's Fair market. There is no New York World's Fair rule prohibiting industry identification in State exhibitions.

__If the space is allocated on the basis of the amount contributed, figured on the rate basis of the major multi-exhibitor building at the Fair (The Better Living Pavilion), it would return about $260,000. (See page 24). An audio-visual presentation of this report has been prepared by Ivel to assist in promoting contributions.

__Cooperating exhibitors would also be expected to pay for their own displays, within the established theme and design concept.

__Additional revenues might well be achieved through the direct retail sale of certain consumer products or services. This problematical revenue has not been taken into account in the proposed budget.

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