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General Electric's

Carousel of Progress


Electrical living

from the 'good old days'

to the present

Source: Progressland Commemorative Brochure © The Walt Disney Company

Artwork depicting Act I & II

You ride a moving ramp to the second level; its an outside ramp that affords one of the best views of the Fair.

Then, at the top, you enter the Carousel of Progress.

Instantly, you sense the magic of Walt Disney. You are in a large auditorium, that holds 250 people. Colored lights play on the stage in synchronization with the music. And you find a comfortable seat facing the stage.

But in the Carousel of Progress, the stage does not move, the audience does! Progressland's second floor has 6 auditoriums, 6 audiences circling progressively from stage to stage. People outside the building can see the entire second level rotate periodically.

The play begins as you stop at the first stage, and continues through each successive stop. You see the inspiring, often humorous story of an American family -- first, in the 'good old days' of the 1880's -- before electricity in the home . . . then during the time when electricity and electrically-run appliances brought marvelous advances in the 1920's . . . and the 1940's . . . up to the present day. Each Carousel act has the warm, whimsical, winning quality you always associate with Walt Disney.

The 'players', too, are remarkable. They move and talk and seem almost to breathe. Yet they are electronically-controlled figures, specially designed by Walt Disney and used here for the first time.

In short, the Carousel of Progress is top entertainment -- with a message. The message is this: too often we take the wonders of electricity for granted. Electricity has introduced undreamed-of convenience, comfort and enrichment into our family living. And even today, most of us are not really availing ourselves of all the opportunities electricity has to offer.

As the show ends, you move up the Time Tube to the third floor. There has been tremendous progress in the past half-century. Now what is being done about the future?

Artwork depicting Act III & IV

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Pavilion layout - Carousel

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