1964 & 1965 Official Guidebook & Souvenir Map Entries

The description of this exhibit from the 1964 Official Guide Book

Cover- 1964 Guidebook

The description of this exhibit from the 1965 Official Guide Book

Cover - 1965 Guidebook

The location of this exhibit on the 1964 Official Souvenir Map

Cover - 1964 Official Souvenir Map


This is a small pavilion, but it has a lot going on. There is a Hall of Magic in which people are made to disappear; spectators watch movies of sports events - including parachute-jumping - filmed from startling angles; a machine blows 12-foot smoke rings 150 feet into the air every 20 seconds.

* Admission: free.
MAGIC SHOW. A magician causes human beings and objects to appear from nowhere, float about and vanish, in this 10-minute show staged three times an hour in the pavilion's theater. Visitors may also puzzle over a "had machine" - two life-sized hands projecting from strips of metal with nothing behind them, which move and make human gestures.
MOVIE IN THE ROUND. General Cigar and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED co-sponsor a bird's-eye view of sports in motion, projected on a 360° screen sunk in a well. Visitors may move freely around the well, looking down at baseball, football, hockey and other games photographed from above. The climax is a parachute sequence in which the viewer himself seems to be descending; it was filmed with a camera strapped to an actual jumper.


There are two highlights: a live magic show in which people disappear, and spectacular aerial movies of sports events.

In a 12-minute show staged every 25 minutes, a magician makes people and things emerge from nowhere, float about and vanish. Outside the pavilion, a machine blows giant smoke rings into the air.

MOVIE IN THE ROUND. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and General Cigar present movies of sports events photographed from above and projected on a circular screen at the bottom of a well. Visitors look down on films of baseball, football and other games. The climax is a parachute descent in which the viewer seems to be falling with the jumper.

Admission: free.