World's Fair Information Manual

Garden of Meditation
Mr. Stuart Constable
Vice President - Operations
New York World's Fair
__1964-1965 Corporation
Flushing Meadow Park
Flushing 52, New York
WF 4-2251
Block 26; Lot 5
International Area
78,265 sq. ft.
Clarke & Rapuano
830 Third Avenue
New York 22, New York
PL 4-1030

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

The Garden of Meditation will be a place where visitors can rest and meditate, each in his own way, and come away feeling better because of the quiet moment of personal communication

An oval walk surrounds a lawn area which contains an informal pool. There will be benches on one side of the oval which will be connected by paths to the border walks of the Fair. Only two entrances and exits will be provided so that those who wish to walk through the garden may do so along one side of the oval opposite the benches and thus not disturb those who wish to sit and tarry longer.

The entire area will be screened with pine, birch, pin oaks and other major trees in mass, in groups and as single specimens with underplantings of laurel, azaleas and other shade tolerant material. A variety of lilies will be planted along the borders in order to have flowers during the summer.

A granite slab bearing a plaque engraved with a description will be placed on a small triangular plot in the path system. This plot will also have a large tree on it. Three granite boulders will be sitated near the pool, some distance from the path and from the triangular plot. The plaque's inscription will read:

The three granite boulders are of metamorphic rock; at one time they
were a part of the original surface of the earth situated many miles north
of this place. The great glacier transported them to this region millions
of years ago. They are placed here to testify to the everlasting faith in

The three BIBLE references are timeless words of hope and guidance
in a troubled world.

NUMBERS 6:24,25,26
MICA 6:8
ROMANS 12:10 and 12

The Garden of Meditation will remain as a permanent part of Flushing Meadow Park at the end of the Fair.