The Magic Skyway - Transcript of the 1964 Show


I am your guide through this adventure. As you travel, other guests are hearing these words in their own native language. ["The Ford Motor Company Welcomes You" is repeated in several languages.] Yes, in any language, wherever you drive, your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury car is always a front-row seat for The Big Show.

SOURCE: © Wolfe Worldwide Films, Bradd Schiffman Collection
Boarding convertibles on the Magic Skyway ride

Please remain seated at all times. Keep your hands and arms inside the car. And no smoking please.

And now, The Magic Skyway takes you back through the time barrier. Backwards millions of years to the dawn of life on land.

SOURCE: © 1964 WED Enterprises, Inc.

This is the world that was. A world that trembled under the tread of giant beasts. Here, millions of years unfold at a single glance.

SOURCE: © National Geographic, Vol. 12, No. 4, April 1965

Primeval Scene on the Magic Skyway ride

Brontosaurus. Stegosaurus. Triceratops. They ruled a world of perpetual summer. But here, birth and death walk hand-in-hand.

SOURCE: © The Saturday Evening Post, Issue No. 20, May 23, 1964

Dinosaurs battle on the Magic Skyway ride

This was the most fearsome reptile ever known. "King" of all the dinosaurs.

Years of violent natural turmoil doomed the mighty reptiles. Now, a new world rises with the dawn. And a new creature stands before the challenge of the universe: man.

SOURCE: © 1964 WED Enterprises, Inc.

At first, caveman really wasn't much of a man.

Here in his humble home he began a new era: The "do-it-yourself" craze.

He harnessed nature's fire to cook his food and warm his ... uhh ... house.

SOURCE: © Wolfe Worldwide Films, Bradd Schiffman Collection

Cavemen warm bottoms on the Magic Skyway ride

He invented language to communicate his most important ideas.

SOURCE: © 1964 WED Enterprises, Inc.

One day, these caves would tell the story of man's adventures. Here he recorded his great deeds.

SOURCE: Official Souvenir Book New York World's Fair 1964-1965 © Time-Life Books, Publisher

Inventing round wheel on the Magic Skyway ride

And now, the "Man of the Hour" Introducing the inventor of the round wheel.

SOURCE: © 1964 WED Enterprises, Inc.

Now at last, man is free. Unchained from his cave. Free to move forward toward the future and a new destiny.

SOURCE: © Wolfe Worldwide Films, Bradd Schiffman Collection

Leaving the cave behind on the Magic Skyway ride

Thousands of years race by. Man applies the wheel to travel, explore, discover.

Faster and faster across the pages of time, the wheels race towards a new tomorrow. A tomorrow where man's loftiest hopes and dreams can become reality.

And now Ford's Magic Skyway becomes a Magic Carpet carrying you aloft through time and space to the threshold of tomorrow. A vision born out of man's long journey. The promise of The Future.

SOURCE: © 1964 WED Enterprises, Inc.
Magic Skyway: Space City of Tomorrow

Walt Disney:

This is Walt Disney speaking. Our Space City is a distant dream. But all such dreams must begin in the minds of men. Men like the scientists, engineers and automotive designers of Ford Motor Company.

I hope you enjoyed our show and your ride on The Magic Skyway in a new Ford product as much as I've enjoyed the Fords I have driven through the years.

Now step out and see a world where tomorrow is being created today.


Ladies and Gentlemen. Prepare to debark. Do not attempt to leave the car until the attendant opens the door at the unloading platform. Thank You.


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