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The Searching Eye

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A move like no movie you've ever seen.

Designed and produced by Hollywood's famed Saul Bass, "The Searching Eye" is more than a new kind of movie. It is an entirely new visual experience.

You will explore the complete range of visual sensation as you share a boy's reactions to the wonders of the world around him. And you'll see other wonders that only special cameras, a brilliant director and new multi-image, 70mm projection techniques can reveal.

You'll see as many as six frames of motion on a screen at one time ... ultra-high-speed photography (up to 2,500 frames per minute) ... a stop-action sequence that took months and thousands of individually photographed frames to record.

You'll see, in short, an unusually imaginative motion picture that will be one of the highlights of your visit to the Fair.


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The Searching Eye Film Logo

Source (Introduction): Kodak Advertisement, The New York Times, April 26, 1964, Section 11

This is darkness. Darkness has no dimension.

There are simple creatures who live in the eternal darkness of their own bodies. There are others for whom nature has devised a window to the mind. Complex. Sensitive. Efficient. But used only to observe what is present; unconcerned with the past, unmindful of the future.

Of all the creatures there is one whose vision embraces more than that -- much more than that.

The eye. A simple tool for measuring; the use of which some are skilled and some are not. The eye. A complex instrument for the contemplation of the unknown. The mysterious. The beautiful.

Long gone from his ancestral home, man can no longer easily penetrate its dark shadowed corner. Those who live in its limitless chambers can but in them there is no wonder. The thirst to know is man's alone.

That has led him to devise the means to enlarge his vision. To reveal what he cannot see with the unaided eye so that he might know and understand.

Generations of learning, yet we are born without knowledge. All we know we acquire. Observing. Exploring. Experiencing.

There are objects which suggest imitation and imitation is the beginning of leaning. There are objects which exist to be chased and sometimes to be watched with wonder and envy and speculation.

Only man can envision the future. Where once there was nothing he builds and gives reality to his vision.

There are natural objects in which the knowing eye reads the distant past. The forces once greater than the comprehension of man. Of events unseen by any living man. Constructive, violent, destructive beauty. Molding. Altering. Shaping the face of the earth.

There are man-made objects whose complex and delicate symbols, to the unknowing eye, mean nothing.

But all men are gifted to the alchemy of sight; the power of seeing one form in the shape of another. Of bringing an object to life in the eye of the imagination.

But reality inevitably returns. Man struggles to preserve his visions and his dreams. Man recognizes the strength of reality. He accepts it and becomes part of it. Seeking always for a more perfect perception of reality we grow impatient with our physical limits.

Some events occur too quickly for our comprehension. The camera slows down the truth so we can see.

Of all the images which flow by in endless procession there are some we wish to keep, a particular moment. So we preserve the image as a tangible memory.

In all living things there is hidden promise of growth. A growth too slow for the eye, almost invisible. The camera speeds up the truth. Our vision is enriched so we can see and understand.

Knowledge has no boundaries. The horizons are forever receding. The more we are able to see, the more we look for. The more we question, the more there is to question. The more we contemplate, the greater is our need for contemplation.

Once firmly believing that he stood at the center of the universe man has learned how small is his place in the totality of all there is.

But man's spirit knows no boundaries and his vision, aided by the searching eye of the camera, penetrates ever further into the reaches of the universe.

For there is so much to see. So much to learn. So much to know. And the promise of knowledge and beauty is the reward of the searching eye.


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