List of Sub-Exhibitors

SOURCE: 1965 World's Fair Information Manual

American Board of Missions to the Jews
American Carpet Institute
Anaconda Aluminum Company
A Nation's Heritage
Art Gallery '64
Michael P. Berk
Book House for Children
Brunswick Corporation
Burrowes Manfuacturing Corporation
Carter's Ink Company
Civic Education Service, Inc.
Collegiate Cap & Gown Company
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
Contract Hardware
Dawn Bible Students Assoc.
Dunbar Book Company
Edmund Scientific Company
Electronic Directory Processing
Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.
Endicott Johnson Company
Fedders Corporation
F. E. Compton & Company
Healthway, Inc.
Hamelin-Harvard Assoc. Co.
Jewish Information Society of America
Johnson Service Company
McFadden-Bartell Corporation
Merkons L'Inyonel Cnuch, Inc.
Metracar, Inc.
Miro Pen Corporation
Newcastle Products (Modernfold)
New York Bible Society
Noble & Noble
Owens Corning Fiberglas
Oxford Furniture Company
Paperbacks at the Fair
Pepsi-Cola Company
Peter Alpi, Incorporated
Phillips & Volcano
Podiatry Society of New York
Portland Cement Assocaition
Regina Products
Seaway Association, Inc.
Shorewood Publishers
Sportservice Corporation
Halsey W. Taylor Comnpany
Torjesen, Inc.
Union of Orthodox Jewish Congreations of __America
Universal Educational Enterprises
U. S. Rubber
Paul Venze Assoc, Inc.
Visual Electronics
Wff'n Proof
Wilkie Foundation
Workshop Galler, Inc.

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