World's Fair Information Manual

Demonstration Center
Dr. Leonard P. Stavinsky
Demonstration Center
World's Fair, New York 11380
AR 1-4110
Dr. Nathan Dechter
Miss Phyllis Adams
December 8, 1961
Block 9; Lot 2
Promenade of Industry
Industrial Area
50,001 sq. ft.
Frederick P. Wiedersum Assocs.
10 Columbus Circle
New York, New York 10019
JU 2-1540
Hegeman-Harris Company
Vermilya-Brown Company, Inc.

SOURCE: 1965 World's Fair Information Manual

The Demonstration Center is a multiple exhibitor pavilion. The industiral and educational theme of the exhibit is the "School of Tomorrow."

The two-story, wedge-shaped pavilion is supported by free standing exterior columns, sculpturally articulated to form colonnades along both sides of the building. The exterior walls are of stone-texture. There are two observation terraces on the second floor.

Industrial exhibits tell the story of major American corporations. Education programs are conducted in the Audio-Visual Demonstration Center and in other sections of the pavilion. "Dialogues in Depth" -- a series of live televised interviews with the great minds and personalities of our time -- originate from the Demonstration Center. In major exhibit areas Fair visitors are able to operate the dramatic new teaching machines, participate in programmed instruction or observe high school students in a supervised vocational training.

Major Exhibit Areas: Included in the maor exhibit area are the "School of Tomorrow" model and display cases; Audio-Visual Demonstration Center; Playground of Tomorrow; New York Daily News public opinion poll and voter education exhibit; civic education; education advisory programs for parents and students; children's publications; games of mathematics and logic; the studisphere; writing over the ages; historic documents exhibit; environmental control for learning, working, and living; academic processional; observation terrace and lounge; vocationland; professional education, as well as other educational, scientific and industrial exhibits.