World's Fair Information Manual

Continental Circus and the Circus Museum
Mr. Harry S. Dube, Treasurer
Continental Circus, Incorporated
10 Rockefeller Plaza
New York 20, New York
CO 5-7035
Mr. William Kane
February 6, 1962
Adults and Children
$1.00, $2.00 and $3.00
Block 58 Lot 1
Lake Amusement Area
86,521 sq. ft.
Mr. Samuel S. Arlen, A.I.A.
211 East 43rd Street
New York 17, New York
MO 1-2885
Continental Circus, inc.
Weekdays . . . . . 2 shows daily
Week ends. . . . . 4 shows daily
Holidays. . . . . . . 4 shows daily

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual


The Continental Circus is presenting a Continental-type One-Ring Circus in a circular and colorful vinyl-plastic building. The white and yellow colored roof is suspended from huge steel towers eliminating all tent poles thus assuring spectators unobstructed views. The steel grandstand seats over 5,000 and is fitted with comfortable theatre seats, many of which are upholstered. The seating arrangement is unusual and is being used for the first time. The circular arena is divided into four concentric circles and the seats are colored gold, red, white and blue. Each color is keyed to the color of patrons' tickets, thus helping them to find their seat locations quickly and without confusion.

Circus: The performance is a fast moving production featuring acts and performers from all parts of the world. It is replete with principal performers, aerialists in sheer dare-deviltry and rib-tickling cowns in their own funny, foolish fashion. To all this is added that element which always spells circus...animals. There are elephants, horses, chimpanzees and performing dogs. The circus band in sartorial splendor blares forth "Music to See By"...fanfares, drum rolls, marches, gallops, polkas and popular tunes.

As an added feature, the Circus Parade is staged daily and twice on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, starting at the Circus building in the Amusement Area and continuing its route through other Fair Areas.

Museum: In a separate structure, adjacent to the main building, the Circus Mueum displays priceless Circusiana treasures such as carved and gilded parade and band wagons, dioramas of circuses and street parades in miniature, costumes worn by prominent performers, colorful posters, lithographs and phtographs. These are all loaned by the Internationally known Circus Museum of the John and Mabel Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida.