1964 & 1965 Official Guidebook & Souvenir Map Entries

The description of this exhibit from the 1964 Official Guide Book

Cover- 1964 Guidebook

The description of this exhibit from the 1965 Official Guide Book

Cover - 1965 Guidebook

The location of this exhibit on the 1964 Official Souvenir Map

Cover - 1964 Official Souvenir Map


A European-style one-ring circus has been assembled beneath a white and yellow plastic structure that seats 5,000 and has poles that do not obstruct the view. The complete performance lasts an hour an 20 minutes. A circus museum with historical exhibits provides an added attraction at no extra charge.
* Admission: $1.00. Four performances daily Mondays through Wednesdays; six performances daily Thursdays through Sundays and on holidays.
MAIN SHOW. Star acts recruited from all over the world range form acrobats to chimpanzees who play musical instruments. The American performers on this international roster include the Flying Alexanders, daredevil trapeze artists who feature hair-raising aerial somersaults. Members of the English Hanneford family perform agile equestrian feats. There are also all sorts of animal acts, including elephants and a gorilla that does bicycle tricks.
CIRCUS MUSEUM. A candy-striped pavilion has exhibits from the famous Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota, Florida. The displays reconstruct the history of the circus, from the chariot contests in ancient Rome's Circus Maximus to the present, with particular emphasis on the flamboyant Barnum and Bailey period at the turn of the century.
CIRCUS PARADE. A parade marches from the circus building through the fairgrounds twice a day.

The Continental Circus was open for the 1964 Season. In 1965 it became the Continental Park.