The Refresher May-June 1964

People by the Thousands

visit our Pavilion daily

Clearwater (Fla.) Senior High School Band gave concert in front of The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion in gratitude to St. Petersburg Coca-Cola Bottling Company, which gave band members free Coke for trip to the Fair.

The New York World's Fair -- biggest, grandest, costliest, most spectacular, most dazzling fair in history -- is now in full swing, and The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion there is a smash hit!

Every day, thousands of people, from toddling tots to tottering oldsters, walk through the Pavilion and view with exclamations of delight the "Global Holiday" exhibit -- re-creations of the sights, sounds and smells of exotic places around the world.

Fairgoers are thrilled, too, by the music of the world's largest and finest carillon which peals from the 120-foot Coca-Cola Tower rising in the center courtyard of the Pavilion. They crowd around the giant console enclosed in glass at the base of the tower to watch John Klein, musical director, and other master carillonneurs perform periodically.

Teen-agers crowd around the refreshment booth at our Pavilion to order Coke, Sprite, TAB, and Fanta flavors.
Teen-agers at Refreshment Booth

Ham operators all over the world tune in on the World's Fair by contacting K2US, the station in The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion.
K2US Station

The World's Fair -- first billion-dollar fair in history -- has superlatives galore. Besides the world's largest carillon, it has the largest globular structure ever built by man -- the 12-story-high stainless steel Unisphere, symbol of the fair. It has the world's most powerful searchlight beam . . . the world's largest fountain . . . a mammoth sky-dome spectacular on the biggest projection screen in the world . . . the world's largest outdoor photographic prints . . . and many of the latest marvels of science and industry.

Theme of the fair is "Peace Through Understanding." Both educational and entertaining, the fair offers a look into the past, a survey of the present and a peep into the future. It's a report to the world on the achievements and aspirations of man.

The "Global Holiday" exhibit in The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion provides close-up views of interesting places in today's world. The exhibit has attracted many prominent persons, such as Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, 6-year-old Caroline Kennedy, actress Carol Channing, columnist Inez Robb, TV and radio stars Arthur Godfrey, Arlene Francis and Betty Furness, as well as

countless members of school groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, club members and individuals.

Visitors are unanimously enthusiastic about the round-the-world tour.

"Wonderful!" proclaimed a pretty young mother.

"Marvelous," exclaimed a gray-haired businessman.

"Fascinating!" was the verdict of a college student.

"It's real cool," said a crewcut teen-ager.

One of the highest compliments given the "Global Holiday" exhibit is by those who complete the tour and then say: "Now let's go through it again!"

Time magazine published a comprehensive report on the various exhibits and concluded that "the fair's best trip of all" is at the Coca-Cola Pavilion.

The refreshment booth in the court of The Coca-Cola Pavilion is a popular spot for young and old alike.

Refreshment Booth

Mrs. John F. Kennedy and Caroline visited our Pavilion with George Biddick, vice president and manager of The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion, and Thomas J. Deegan, chairman of the New York World's Fair Executive Committee.

Caroline and Mrs. Kennedy


Fair visitors drink Coke from golden goblets. This gold foil-covered, plastic-lined cup is first of its kind produced commercially.

Coke gold cup

Harry G. Kipke, president and general manager of Refreshment at the Fair, and Ted Duffield, creative director for The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion, welcome visitors.

Kipke and Duffield





The Taj Mahal, complete with an Indian garden and fountains, is part of the "Global Holiday" exhibit

 Taj Mahal scene in "Global Holiday"

A street in Hong Kong lines with colorful Chinese shops is among the exotic places re-created in our Pavilion.

 Hong Kong scene in "Global Holiday"

"Global Holiday" tourists are transported to beautiful Bavaria where they find a typical ski lodge and scenic vistas of fir trees and snow-capped peaks in the Alps.

Bavaria scene in "Global Holiday"


Pretty Helene Guinsbourg, hostess in the Bavarian ski lodge, serves refreshing Coke to thirsty tourist.

Bavarian Hostess

The Time reporter described the "Global Holiday" in this way: "Visitors walk at their own speed, not through a miniscule world, but through a life-sized re-creation -- complete with smells and temperature changes -- of five exotic scenes: a street in Hong Kong, a vista of the Taj Mahal, a lush Cambodian rain forest, an Alpine ski lodge, a cruise ship moving into the Rio de Janerio harbor."

Visitors entering The Coca-Cola Pavilion are greeted by a sign: "WELCOME -- We cordially invite you to visit some of the exciting places in that wonderful world of refreshment where the products of The Coca-Cola Company are just around the corner from anywhere."

George Biddick, exhibit manager, accompanied Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy and her party through the "Global Holiday" exhibit, and he quoted her as saying she thoroughly enjoyed the tour. She was particularly impressed by the Cambodian rain forest, the Bavarian ski lodge and the street in Hong Kong.

One of the pretty young hostesses in The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion, 19-year-old Judy Mellina, said she thought she was greeting "just another family group" when Mrs. Kennedy and Caroline entered the Cambodian rain forest.

"I was showing Caroline the monkeys in the trees," Judy said, "and she was very excited about them. Then I looked up and saw Mrs. Kennedy smiling at me. I managed to say 'hello' to her -- and she spoke to me. It was one of the biggest thrills of my life!"

Judy said the exhibit is making a big hit with everybody who sees it. "Many people say its one of the best at the fair -- and I think it is too! You can walk and feel and touch and smell -- and you get the feeling you are in another country."

"Global Holiday" tour includes a Cambodian jungle where Coca-Cola is cooled in a stream.
Cambodian rain forest scene
Carol Channing tours our Pavilion and pauses on deck of cruise ship.
Carol Channing
The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion also has an exhibit of Georgia art and memorabilia associated with Coca-Cola.
Georgia Art Display

Source: The Refresher, The Coca-Cola Company Magazine, May-June 1964 Courtesy Bradd Schiffman Collection

Ted Duffield, creative director for The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion, spent two and a half years developing the exhibit, and he is delighted with the reception it is getting. "I wrote the script for the whole show," he said "and Displayers, Inc. executed it. They had terrific craftsmen to do the job. Gerard van Duyn, a free-lance designer for Displayers, Inc., is the man who designed each of the five experience areas."

"Because Coke is enjoyed in 125 countries we decided there could only be one theme 'World of Refreshment'," Mr. Duffield explained. "We had a story to tell, and our aim was to come as close to reality as possible within the limits of the money. We did everything to make these

experiences authentic. For example, everything in the Bavarian ski lodge actually was bought in Bavaria. The bus stop sign on the Hong Kong street and the signs advertising Coca-Cola were sent to me by the Coca-Cola bottler there."

In addition to the experience areas, the exhibit includes an art gallery featuring paintings by Georgia artists as well as a display of things associated with the history of Coca-Cola -- such as an old syrup barrel and a model of a soda fountain for Coca-Cola, circa 1886. The Pavilion also contains an impressive display of the products of The Coca-Cola Company with a waterfall as a backdrop to symbolize the refreshing quality of Coke.

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