About the World's Fair Band of America



Bandwagon and Unisphere
... this Cities Service World's Fair Band of America -- as it moves around the fairgrounds on its custom-built bandstand attracting listeners by the hundreds to various parts of the Fair. The unique bandstand is said to be the second most photographed object on the fairgrounds. The self-propelled, two-unit bandwagon is 72 feet long, 9 feet wide and 12 feet high. Operated by a driver in the lead unit and a tiller steersman in the rear unit, the bandwagon is jack-knifed to form a bandstand for concerts. When it is moving it operates at a speed of five miles per hour. The 50-man band, under the baton of Paul Lavalle, plays anything from jazz to the classics in its six daily concerts. It has added the national anthems of several countries to its repertoire as it provided music for the celebration of special days and dedications. TV-viewers in England, Italy, Spain and Japan have seen it in special news films, and the Voice of America has taped it for overseas broadcast. The Cities Service World's Fair Band of America is in direct personal contact with thousands of people from all over America and the world daily and is serving as an outstanding representative of Cities Service.

Source: Unknown ... possibly Cities Service Literature