Take a Helicopter Ride Over the Fairgrounds

"The Big Picture" is a Large aerial color photograph of the New York World's Fair looking north and slightly west toward Shea Stadium and LaGuardia Airport.

The size weighs in at near 300 kbs. so it may be long loading depending on your modem speed. Because of its size it will fill and overlap your screen. You will need to use your browser's scroll bars to navigate the picture. Experience a "you are there" feel as you soar over the Fairgrounds!

The photograph can be used as a navigation tool for your visit to nywf64.com. Links are established on the photograph to most of the pavilion pages within the site. You can use "The Big Picture" as you would the Maps or Pavilion Pages.

If you'd like to take a flight over the fair simply click-on Admit One below.

Enjoy your trip!



-Aerial tour of the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair-


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