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actively associated with international exhibitions for thirty years, including the Chicago Century of Progress, the New York World's Fair of 1939 and other World's Fairs in Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco and Brussels. He designed and directed the U.S. Government exhibits at the Dallas Fair in 1938 and the New York World's Fair in 1939-40. Mr. Burdick also designed the Freedom Train, and the "Alert America" Caravans for Freedoms Foundation. He directed the forthcoming major exhibit of the American Iron and Steel Institute at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, the Perisphere and the City of Light, at the previous New York World's Fair, as well as over fifty major exhibits at this showing.

The BETTER LIVING BUILDING is not to be confused with a collection of showrooms, or an ordinary trade show. Everything in it is to be dramatic and exciting, and the whole will have a continuous flow. Each exhibitor, large or small, will present the overall picture of his contributions to BETTER LIVING in all its exciting phases.

The public will be transported by escalator directly to the third floor where outstanding entertainment and "Outdoor Living" will be presented. The Public will then gravitate to the second and first floors, passing through the exhibits on these floors rather than down aisles, as in Trade Show technique. All spaces in the building will thus be subjected to the major contemplated attendance.

The total cost of the space for the two-year period will be $70.00 per square foot. It has been established that payments may be arranged over a period of five years, with a small percentage at the time of signing the contract, and progress payments in 1962, 1963, 1964 and 1965.

After signing the contract and making the first payment, the exhibitor will be free to determine his own theme and his own presentation, choose his own design organization and his own exhibit builder. The BETTER LIVING BUILDING Board of Review will approve all designs and installations with the best interests of exhibitors in mind, and where requested, will recommend competent exhibit designers and builders.

The rental contract for the space will include: design and construction of the building; all general interior decorating and outside landscaping; outstanding entrance features; specially produced live shows; all general building insurance; all general areas maintenance and guard service; permanent building management; air conditioning, heating and winterizing; special independent BETTER LIVING THEME promotion and publicity; an exclusive club for exhibitors and their guests; and, demolition of the Building after the Fair.

As space will be assigned on a priority basis, and as building construction will start early in 1962, it is suggested that interested exhibitors communicate with us as soon as possible.

ON April 22, 1964, the New York World's Fair will open at Flushing Meadow Park. In the two years of the Exposition, a minimum of 70,000,000 people are expected to pass through the turnstiles.

It is estimated that the cost of the Fair and related improvements will total about $1,000,000,000, making it the first billion dollar enterprise in World's Fair history. Of this huge sum, about $550,000,000 will be spent by participants, exhibitors and concessionaires.

To make space available for company and association exhibitors not wishing to construct, maintain and service their own individual or collective buildings, Edward H. Burdick Associates are constructing and will manage a major building based on the theme of BETTER LIVING.

The BETTER LIVING BUILDING will be the largest in the Industrial Area, and as indicated on the opposite page, it will occupy one of the prime locations at the Fair, adjacent to the Main Bus Terminal, on all types of public transportation, near several automobile parking areas, and the new Van Wyck Expressway will pass directly by the area.

The site is approximately 3.44 acres of which the three story building will occupy more than two acres. The rental of the ground space from the Fair is $1,2000,000, of which cost the first payment of $300,000 has already been made. The usable floor areas in the building are expected to total about 240,000 square feet, above grade, allowing unrestricted passage under the building to the gardens and 24,000 square foot lake area at the rear of the plot. This water area will be the only informal lake in the entire Fair grounds.

A 10,00 square foot private club for exhibitors and their guests will be maintained on the roof of the building, from which a commanding view of the entire Fair can be seen.

Preliminary estimates indicate that the construction costs of the Building will be about $7,000,000. The cost of the live entertainment is estimated at more than $500,000. Construction and operation of the building, design, construction and installation of the exhibits of the various participants, and operation and maintenance costs are expected to total in excess of $35,000,000.

Edward H. Burdick, President of Edward H. Burdick Associates, Inc., who developed the project, and is directing its operation, has been well-known in the field of exposition design and showmanship for many years. He has been

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