1964 & 1965 Official Guidebook & Souvenir Map Entries

The description of this exhibit from the 1964 Official Guide Book

Cover- 1964 Guidebook

The description of this exhibit from the 1965 Official Guide Book

Cover - 1965 Guidebook

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Cover - 1964 Official Souvenir Map


This pavilion, third largest at the Fair, is a giant showplace for the products, services and ideas that enrich America's standard of living. Some 250 exhibitors carry out the theme with displays that fall into six major categories: food, fashion, home, leisure, health and security. There are food exhibits, up-to-date fashion shows, displays of home furnishings, art shows, concerts, and a model railroad layout called the largest in the world. A play school - the Children's World - offers a two-hour creative instruction course for small children; there is a modest fee. Visitors may ascend to the roof on glass-enclosed escalators and then descend through the exhibits via ramps. Or they may ride to the roof aboard elevators enclosed in a glass tower, which offers a spectacular view of the Fair.

* Admission: free to pavilion; 50 cents to model railroad; $2.00 to Children's World.
THE LEISURE LIFE. Audio-visual presentations and live programs are offered dealing with such subjects as recreation, sports and travel.
A TRUCKLOAD OF FOOD. A glass-walled trailer truck, containing the 90-day food supply for an average American family, is a feature of a large and varied food exhibit. Elsie the Cow, representing the Borden Company, stars every 15 minutes in a fanciful show with animated figures. Hershey offers a history of chocolate.
CRYSTAL PALACE OF FASHION. Amid decorations inspired by London's Crystal Palace of 1851, four fashion shows a day are presented in an amphitheater. Kiosk booths exhibit the latest in fashion, from cosmetics to accessories.
HOUSE WITH THE MOST. This exhibit is mainly devoted to the home: what to build it with, how to furnish it. At the center of the floor is a full-sized seven-room dream house fitted out with the last word in modern materials, furnishings and design ideas. The Gallery of Kitchens presents the latest in equipment and appliances for the kitchens of today and tomorrow. The Promenade of Interiors is a comprehensive exhibition of interior decorating, lively with a variety of new fabric, furniture and lighting ideas.
THE CREATIVE LIFE. The Better Living Art Gallery presents "Four Centuries of American Masterpieces," selected by a group of curators from leading museums. The Beech Nut Theater, on the second level, features plays, concerts, fashion shows, movie premieres and lectures. An FM radio station broadcasts programs from a studio adjacent to the theater.
LADIES' HAVEN. In the Official Hospitality Center for the Women's Organizations of the World, located in this pavilion, visiting members of all women's clubs are made welcome.
MODEL RAILROAD. The rolling stock includes 400 locomotives and 600 cars. Paris, Vienna and other cities around the world are along the right-of-way, as well as representations of Mars and a City of the Future. There is a 30-minute commentary.
SERVICE CENTER. For minor repairs, a number of services - shoe repair, laundry, dry cleaning, drug store, hairdresser, barber, automat - are available to pavilion visitors.
RESTAURANT. The Hilton International Food Bazaar and Marco Polo Club have food prepared in five separate kitchens by chefs from Hilton hotels around the world. These and the Hospitality Center share a dining terrace that gives a view of the nightly (9 p.m.) fireworks and fountain display.


Foods, fashions, furnishings, three restaurants and a play-school are among the varied offerings of some 175 exhibitors.

Visitors ride in elevators up the glass-enclosed Life-Saver tower for a spectacular view of the Fair, or take escalators to the top floor and descend along ramps past the displays. Children 4 to 10 may attend a special play-school for a two-hour period of lessons and games. There is also an extensive model-railroad exhibit. Products designed for better living are given away in a "Million-Dollar Sweepstakes."

FOOD FLOOR. Among the displays, Elsie the Cow stars every 15 minutes in a fanciful animation, and a history of chocolate is shown.
PALACE OF FASHION. In a setting inspired by an earlier world's fair, London's Crystal Palace of 1851, five fashion shows are held every day, and the latest in clothes, accessories and cosmetics are on view.
DREAM HOUSE. A full-sized, seven-room house features modern furnishings and design ideas. There are also some predictions about the future of the kitchen.
CREATIVE LIFE. A 500-seat theater offers plays, concerts, movie premieres and fashion shows.
LADIES' HAVEN. Visiting members of all women's clubs are welcome in an Official Hospitality Center. There is also a beauty salon.
RESTAURANTS. The rooftop Cafe' International and Penthouse Restaurant serve meals prepared by chefs from many lands. There is another restaurant on the ground floor.

Admission: free to pavilion; 50 cents to model railroad; $1.00 per child for two hours in play-school.