The Money Tree


The bouncy new song people are humming or whistling at the New York World's Fair, "Meet Me Under the Money Tree," is a sure sign they've been to the American Express Pavilion. The catchy tune follows the taped description of the Fair's various exhibits heard while viewing the official scale model.

Writer-composer of "Meet Me Under the Money Tree" is George J. Hanson, Director of Public Relations for American Express. Mr. Hanson, whose avocation is song-writing, is a graduate of the Chicago Musical College.

The song has been recorded by the Bob Davis Orchestra and Chorus and issued on a private label. On the reverse side is the Model Room's tour commentary. the record is on sale at the souvenir counter of the Pavilion. It is encased in a handsome jacket designed by Leonard Uline of the company's Art Department. Explanatory jacket copy is by Charles Wade of the Public Relations staff at 65 Broadway.

SOURCE: GOING PLACES, Issue date undermined

SOURCE: Record Jacket: Meet Me Under The Money Tree

Record Jacket

MEET ME UNDER THE MONEY TREE There is no better way to recapture the excitement of a major entertainment event than through the words and music of a hit song. That's why, over the years, tunes from Broadway shows and motion pictures, as well as fairs and expositions, have enjoyed such widespread popularity. In 1904, the St. Louis Exposition gave us a tune that soon became the nation's favorite: "Meet Me In St. Louie, Louie, Meet Me At The Fair." Today, "Meet Me Under The Money Tree," as recorded by the Bob Davis Orchestra and singers promises to be the hit song of the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair. It may well be remembered long after the Fair has become history. Inspiration for this song is, of course, the fabulous American Express Money Tree near the entrance to the Fairgrounds. The golden tree, standing 26 feet high, contains over one million dollars in spendable United States and Foreign paper money and American Express Travelers Cheques. It was designed as a symbol of the international economic and cultural forces binding the peoples of all nations. "A GUIDED TOUR OF THE FAIR". Side two of this high fidelity recording is an exciting audio-guided tour of the New York World's Fair -- the same tour you enjoyed while viewing the official scale model of the Fairgrounds in the American Express Pavilion (See photo below).

Official scale model of the Fair on view in the American Express Pavilion (left) The million dollar American Express Money Tree (right)
Model & Money Tree Photos