The Proposal


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Table of Contents

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A Fair Idea
Part One: Why New York 1989?
    1.1 - 1789: An Inaugration in New York City
    1.2 - 1939: Live from New York City - Television!
    1.3 - 1989: New York - A World City
Part Two: Why a World's Fair?  
    2.1 - From Crystal Palace to Knoxville - The Story of Fairs
    2.2 - From Ashes to Glory - The New York Fairs
    2.3 - From the Grass Roots - A New Fair
Part Three: What Kind of Fair?  
    3.1 - A Statement of Purpose
    3.2 - A World's Fair on New Lines
    3.3 - The City as World's Fair
The Time, The Place, The Idea

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